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How to Take Care of Your Long Fake Eyelashes

You want those lengthy, sexy, stunning lashes like the celebrities are wearing, and after a lot of contemplating and thinking, you have taken the final decision. Eyelashes are a perfect option for women to enhance their eye look and lasts from six to eight weeks, and there is no need for further eye makeup. It is essential to have a deeper understanding to make sure your lashes look fresh and stay for the entire duration until your next appointment. In this blog, you will know to take proper care of long fake eyelashes, and once you are familiar with the instructions, the process becomes easy and intuitive.

What You Should Do

After your first appointment, taking care of your eyelashes is very important. Please do not become wet for a full day after application means you have to avoid steam baths, saunas, oil, water, or even washing your face. You should set a reminder to attend the appointments every two to three weeks to maintain your lashes, especially if you want to wear them for an extended period. For keeping your new fluttery lashes, brush your eyelashes gently with a cosmetic spoolie and adjust the hairs delicately that are slightly out of place. The thumb rule is to brush them only when required.

It is vital to wash your face and remove any makeup but use only oil-free products because oil can break down the lash adhesive that causes a shorter lash life. Please follow the aftercare instructions given by your lash professional, as it will help in the long run to have healthy eyelashes. Make sure to wash your falsies every one to two days for preventing irritations and infections. Be serious about your eyelashes and should be a vital part of your regular beauty routine.

It does not matter how long fake eyelashes care you are putting into action, some lashes will fall out before your next fill, and it is a natural part of the process. You need to be satisfied and happy with your final look after applying your lashes. If you are not content, discuss it with your technician. For the first set of lashes, you have to pay anywhere between 75 to 500 dollars, and for first-time lash goers, these prices are quite reasonable so, you need to have a separate budget when committed to having lashes.

What You Should Not Do

Taking care of the best fake eyelashes is not a big deal. Just avoid oil-based products on or around your eyes. Avoid using oil-based eyeliner, mascara, makeup remover, eye shadow, facial cleanser, or other oil-based items. Every woman keeps an eyelash curler in her makeup bags, but with fake eyelashes, it is best to keep off your curler. Your lash may bend that will not go away, and if you want to curl your lashes, then perform a very light pulse instead of a big squeeze. It is best to avoid perming, heating, or tinting your lashes, as these actions will destroy your fragile lashes.

It can be tempting, but you should resist the urge to play with your lashes all day long or while cleaning. While fiddling, your long fake eyelashes can fall out fast, thereby damaging your natural lashes. Avoid rubbing or touching your eyes, and it is best to keep your hands away from the eye area and fix your lashes by only using a soft spoolie.

Keep in mind that you should not pay the same expensive price during your follow-up fill-in appointment unless you miss the deadline. Most of the salons offer discounts when coming for fill-ins at the recommended time because they require less time and materials during the fill-in process. Typically, some eyelashes fall out, but they should not fall extensively. It is a sign of poor quality adhesive or improper application, especially if you follow proper fake eyelashes care methods.

After your eyelash application or after a few days, you should not experience any discomfort, pain, swelling, or redness that can be a sign of infection due to the use of contaminated tools during the process or any other infection near or in the eyelash follicle. If you are facing any problem, immediately visit your doctor.

What to Consider While Buying Boxer Briefs for Women

Having originated from the men’s underwear drawer, the idea of generating boxer briefs for women came up in the 1990s. Back then, with limited styles, this genius idea did not get the attention it deserved and died down a little bit. But with the boost of the 21st century that brought about a lot of change to the manufacturing and economic front, boxer briefs for women made a glorious comeback, and it is here to stay. The redesigned look from the ‘90s has made it more widely accepted by women all across the globe, for it somehow promotes femininity while being ridiculously comfortable!

Boxer Briefs for Women: The Right Solution for the Lingerie Crisis

Well, hard as it may be to believe, women have always succumbed to external pressure to look beautiful and flawless. Just think about the nightmare of girdles! But thankfully, with time, women are breaking out of the stereotype and thinking for themselves. While it was a common notion that sexy women’s underwear equated to showing off maximum skin through thongs and g-strings, they are now putting comfort over such stereotypes.

Even though many are still battling with the idea of wearing “boxer briefs” that have been, for the longest time, associated with men’s underwear, many have adapted to the idea and love wearing them, simply because it is the perfect solution for the “lingerie crisis”! Also, it is suitable for the slim, curvy, and plus-sized woman. And last, of all, they are versatile AF! You can wear them with trousers, skirts, or even strut around donning nothing but boxer briefs as loungewear or sleepwear.

Shopping Boxer Briefs for Women: What to Look for?

Now that you have a rough idea of the benefits that come along with boxer briefs for women, let’s consider buying you a pair. But wait! It’s not as simple as marching into a store and picking up the first pair you see. There are 4 main things to consider before buying them for yourself. Let’s find out what they are.

1. Consider The Ocassion

Before even considering boxer briefs for women, ask yourself this: what am I going to be using them for? While they do not reveal panty lines and make for a very comfortable fit, remember that they are relatively loose, and therefore may not be the best fit to wear under, say, a tight-fitting dress. That said, most people wear them as loungewear or for workout purposes, but it is not limited to these occasions. Many people like wearing them under skirts as a secure form of underwear, in case your dress or skirt blows up to flash your bottoms due to the wind. Wearing a thong in such an occasion could be quite….revealing!

2. Material is King

Now that you know what you want to wear it for, you must think about the material. After all, a pair of boxer briefs for women are only as good as the material it’s composed of. There are various different kinds of materials that make a good pair of boxer briefs for women, but the choice is subjective. For instance, if you want to wear them for a sexy occasion, they make them in silk and lace. If you want to wear them for nightwear or loungewear, consider cotton, the most breathable of fabrics, so you won’t sweat in them. If you want a moisture-wicking fabric to wear them while working out, consider Lycra, which also helps in decreasing friction between the legs. In short, this decision depends on you entirely!

3. It Must Work with Your Body Type

Now, one positive of boxer briefs for women is that it works with almost every body type. However, when you’re buying them, consider your body, waist, hip, and thigh ratio. Also, keep in mind that what works for your friend may not work for you. For instance, if you find that the boxer briefs are a little loose-fitting, there’s no guarantee there won’t be visible panty lines when you wear them. Or if they fit too tight, they may lead to discomfort and visible bulges under your clothes.

4. The Right Size is Out There

If you’re buying your first pair of boxer briefs from women from a department store you’ve been going to for years, fret not. However, if you’re considering buying it online, double-check the sizing chart and your body measurements before clicking on “buy now”. Remember that different companies have different sizing principles, but as long as you follow the size chart thoroughly, you should be fine! Good luck!

Step by Step Guide for Wearing Double Layer Eyelashes

Have you ever thought you could look glamorous without much hassle? Well, double layer eyelashes might just be the answer. If you love long thick eyelashes but do not want to extend it through surgical procedures, then false eyelashes are exactly what you are looking for. You can find a wide range of false eyelashes designed for different types of eyes, manufactured specifically to enhance your appearance. False eyelashes with double layers are particularly ideal as it has the power to accentuate the shape and size of your eyes in a dramatic way.

The origin of double layered or stacked eyelashes can be traced back to stage makeup where artists wore two sets of eyelashes simultaneously to create a spectacular effect. Applying two false eyelashes at the same time was never an easy task and it hardly appeared natural. However, modern double-layered eyelashes are different as it has a natural appearance with silky and curly features.

False eyelashes with double layers create a three-dimensional illusion with its fluffy and voluminous appearance. However, it can be worn easily without any hassles if you know these simple tips and tricks.

An Easy Step-by-Step Guide

 To be honest, applying double-layered false eyelashes can be a tad difficult for a beginner. However, with time and practice, you can apply these false eyelashes within five to ten minutes. It is an absolute time saver and has the potential ability to create a great appearance without adding to your eye makeup game. You can use neutral shades and tone down your eye makeup when you wear false double-layered eyelashes.

Before you begin the process, first wash your hands thoroughly as you hardly want to infect your eyes with dirty hands.

Measure and Cut

Every pair of false eyelashes must be trimmed correctly for a custom fit. However, before you trim false eyelashes, first measure it against your natural eyelashes and decide how much needs to be trimmed, if it needs to be so that it sits perfectly on top of your natural eyelashes. You can start by trimming the smaller sections of the eyelashes and then place it back onto your natural lashes to check if the size fits perfectly. In that way, you can ensure that you get perfectly sized false eyelashes.

Glue them in place

Next comes the tricky part where you need to glue them on to your natural lashes. While some of these false eyelashes are inclusive of adhesives, some are exclusive, so you need to purchase them separately. Then, apply the glue to the band of the false eyelash and allow it to dry for about 30 seconds.

Use a lash applicator or your fingers

You can then place the double-layered false eyelashes onto your natural ones using your fingers or a lash applicator. You need to do this as gently as possible by pressing down the false eyelashes for about 5 seconds on your natural lashes. Give it enough time for the glue to dry so that it stays in place appropriately. A small tip- you can start pressing the false eyelashes from the middle section and then move to the outer corner and then the inner section of the eyelashes. Believe me- it works!

The Perfect Touch

When your false lashes attach to your natural lashes-use a thin coat of eyeliner liquid to blend the line from your natural eyelashes to the false one. Now you can use a coat of mascara to curl both the natural and false eyelashes together for that perfect look! You can use two or three coats of mascara if you want even thicker lashes.

Removing your false eyelashes is easy as all you need to do is use an oil-based makeup remover. It will gently remove the adhesive and the false eyelashes. You can use a cotton bud soaked in makeup remover and apply it gently on the eyelash band. False eyelashes must be stored in a clean and dry place as you are wearing it near your eyes. So keep them safe in the lash tray, which comes along with these false eyelashes.

Step by Step for Buying Bike Short for Women Online

How Bike Shorts for Women Have Become the Perfect Solution

If you’re looking for some motivation to get back on your working out schedules, you might want to consider a change in wardrobe. More often than not, a good pair of the bike short for women is exactly what you need. While a nice of pair of yoga pants is sufficient, this might be the boost you’re looking for. Bike shorts are comfortable, and efficient buy, and super cute on women. Let’s face it, bike shorts were not invented for men, because they look so much better on women. And it goes beyond that; you can wear them for anything. Even if you want to run outside for a quick grocery run, they are very comfortable and look good, so you don’t have to worry about the second change of clothes.

Bike Shorts for Women: Is it Necessary?

This is a question that requires a straightforward answer. Why are people asking if bike shorts for women are required? After all, we do have a bunch of other workout clothes like yoga pants that are longer and look good on all kinds of body shapes. The length of bike shorts for women is ideal for riding a bike, especially if you cycle for hours on end.

Buying Them Online Vs Offline?

Now you’ve got the basic appeal of bike shorts for women. Let’s tackle the next question: where do you buy them from? Well, the option is honestly yours. Some people prefer going to malls or brand outlets and trying them out before buying them. Others prefer sitting in the comfort of their homes and making online purchases. I myself personally lean towards the latter option, simply because there are so many benefits from online shopping.

First of all, there are a billion options to choose from. In fact, sometimes I forget what I’m shopping for because there is so much to scroll through. Even so, the sky is the limit. You’d never find those options at a retail store at a mall. Secondly, you can find a lot of cheap options online. This is not preferable, especially if you’re looking for a good pair of bike shorts for women of decent quality. But look out for sales and major discounts. And of course, lastly, there are online reviews available for most products from other customers, so you can get a second opinion if you have your doubts about a certain product.

If you’re one of those people afraid to press “buy now”, and uncertain if buying bike shorts for women online is a good idea, here is a step-by-step guide on how to go about the buying process:

Narrow Down Your Options to Top 5

Now that you’ve scrolled through the elaborate list of bike shorts for women across multiple retail vendors, it is time for you to narrow down your list to the top 5 you like. Not more, but it could be less, depending on your options.

Check the Fabric Used

When it comes to quality, no matter how many reviews say it is a 100% comfortable, you should only go with concrete facts that lie in front of you. A good pair of bike shorts for women is only as good as the fabric it’s made of. Whether cotton, rayon, nylon, polyester, or synthetic fabric, you want to make sure it will last you at least a good couple of years and can withstand everyday wear and tear.

Do They Fit into Your Price Range?

You’ve already checked the prices while narrowing down your list to the top 5, but now it’s time to mix and match. Do some research and thin the heard by comparing prices and seeing which one is worth the money. Note that some brands are better than others but some are pricey because the brands are globally recognized. This does not equate to quality. Make a judgment call.

Check Online Reviews

Now that you’ve probably narrowed it down further to 2-3, you are seriously considering buying these bike shorts for women. It’s time to check online reviews of these products, either on the retail websites or others. Find out how other customers liked the product and if not, what the issues were.

Press Buy Now

We hope you’ve finally bought yourself a good pair of bike shorts for women, you deserve it! We hope this article helped you with the selection process.

Things to Consider While Choosing Women’s Boxer Briefs

Women’s Boxer Briefs: A Girl’s Best Friend

Not everyone likes wearing sexy lingerie at all times. In fact, when the weekend is here and you want to sit in and have a quiet weekend by yourself, what better way to get comfortable than to throw out your uncomfortable underwear and put on your comfortable women’s boxer briefs?

Wearing comfortable underwear that is known to compliment all body types is the way to go, making women’s boxer briefs their best friend. Whoever decided to combine boxers and briefs together for women is a genius. What’s best, they are still pleasing to the eye.

In a world full of underwear options for women (from g-strings to briefs), women’s boxer briefs make life easy. They are popularly known as “boy shorts” and have become increasingly popular of late to the female population because they are a) beyond comfortable b) easy to put on c) doesn’t bunch up d) easy on the eyes!

Is Buying Women’s Boxer Briefs That Big A Challenge?

I’m sure many of you are wondering why this post needed to exist in the first place. I mean, how hard is it to buy a pair of panties? All you need to do is find a pattern you like on your favorite e-commerce website and hit “buy now” and viola, you’re all set. Little do you know that there are a thousand careful considerations that go into buying the perfect pair of panties for you. Keep in mind that buying underwear online is not like the rest of your clothing; oftentimes, they don’t take returns (panties, especially).

Also, keep in mind that your underwear is just as important as your outerwear. It’s not cool to be oblivious to these facts, ladies! So, here is a list of things you should keep in mind while you’re in search for the perfect pair of women’s boxer briefs!

Go With Standard Brands

Even if you’ve never worn women’s boxer briefs before, do not play Russian roulette with your e-commerce websites. It is most preferable to get your pair from standard brands, and even better if you get them from places you’ve shopped for underwear in the past, and are therefore familiar with the sizing. Everyone has go-to brands for their essentials. You can always look out for fancier variants if you wish, but at least you don’t have to worry about sizing.

Size Matters

This is probably the first thing everyone thinks of, and for good reason. You don’t want to end up with a pair of women’s boxer briefs that don’t fit you right. Proper sizing cannot be stressed upon enough, especially with underwear. You must be aware of your accurate panty size before going to the store or scouring the internet for options. Don’t “be light and breezy”, choose the proper fit. If you’re uncertain about the sizing- different brands have different sizing factors, talk to customer care before making the purchase. Must we remind you of the nightmare that unfolds with a smaller size: uncomfortable fit and weird, unprecedented panty lines. A bigger one would just make you pull on it all day; not sure which is worse.

Choose According To Your Body Type

There is a range of women’s body types, so make sure you select a style that compliments your body. Whether skinny or curvy, the good news is that women’s boxer briefs are most likely to compliment all body types, so choose accordingly.

The Right Fabric

Picking out the right material is crucial when it comes to women’s boxer briefs. They will be in direct contact with your skin, so you want to make sure you’re comfortable with the fabric. Whether it’s silk, lace, cotton, satin, or sheer, the choice is yours. Women’s boxer briefs come in all kinds of fabric. If you want a more sensual seem, go for something made of silk and satin. Of course, the top options are cotton blends, because nothing quite beats cotton when it comes to levels of comfort.

Breathable Underwear

One of the most significant factors to consider is the breath ability factor of your boxer briefs. No, this does not equate to the fabric or size alone, in fact, it is a combination of the two. When you try out underwear you need to make sure the fabric and size complement each other and the pair is breathable.