Gym Bag Essentials from Fitness Pros that Work for Every Women

Mastering the art of packing your gym bag is a daunting task and takes a lot of practice (even the pros tend to mess up, so don’t worry). Even after you become a true pro at gym bag-packing, you find yourself in a pickle when you forget your shower shoes at home. Fret not, we’ve all been there. The good news is that this article talks about the gym bag essentials for women, and it comes straight from the horses’ mouth- that’s right, we interviewed a bunch of female fitness pros and found out some of the items they cannot bear to part with at the gym- something you might relate to!

Whether it’s your favorite pair of socks, a snack bar to keep you from turning into the Incredible Hulk after a workout, or dry shampoo for your hair, they talk about it all, and then some. If you’ve just joined the gym and are wondering the night before what you need to pack, you’ve come to the right place, my friend.

Gym Bag Essentials for Women

Workout Clothes

I know you think this is quite obvious, but the truth is that most women forget a single pair of clothing, which can turn a productive workout session into one with chafing and blistering. The fitness pros specified that the must-have workout clothes for all women include:

• Workout top: preferably cotton, so it’s light and breathable

• Workout bottoms: shorts, leggings, or sweatpants; whatever tickles your fancy

• A fresh pair of socks (and not a used pair, even if it doesn’t smell)

• Clean pair of underwear and your sports bra

• Headband, if you use it to keep your bangs out of your face

• Headgear like a shower cap if you’re bathing afterward

• Swim cap, eye goggles, and a swimsuit if you’re taking a swim later

These are the gym bag essentials for all women in the clothing department (we think we’ve covered them all). On to the next essential item.

Workout Towel & Hand Sanitizer

This is not for the shower afterward, but to be used during the workout. In fact, many gyms require you to bring a towel to the gym floor. Even if you are not a sweater, you must use the workout towel for any moisture left behind on the equipment used by you. While good manners can go a long way, this is also a hygienic routine! Pro tip: carry a gym towel made of cotton; these are absorbent in nature and can dry very easily. If you are a germaphobe and worry about the sweat left behind by others, carry a hand sanitizer with you to clean equipment before using them.

Water Bottle

Water fountains might be available, but you don’t want to keep interrupting your workout sessions to make quick trips back and forth. A reusable water bottle helps you stay hydrated throughout your workout session, while ensuring you’re not causing harm to the environment. If you’re using a plastic bottle, ensure it is made of BPA plastic.

Music Equipment & Good Tunes

Who doesn’t like to plug out the rest of the world and “get in the zone” with some pumped up music to begin your workout? Bring along your cell phone, iPod, or MP3 music player with earphones to boost your workout. Make sure your earphones are sweat-proof and wireless.

An Energy Bar

Always keep an energy bar on you: this is a tip I got from all the fitness pros at the gym. Whether a pre or post-workout snack, an energy bar can work miracles when you least expect them to. A high-carb bar is best for pre-workout snacks and will fuel you up beforehand. Post-workout energy bars should ideally be high in protein.

Personal Care Items

This is the most important section of this article: personal care items are particularly important for women: even if your gym is nice and spiffy, you need to have the following in your gym bag at all times (because you never know when you’ll need them).

• Shower sandals: Do NOT enter the showers without them (avoid athlete’s foot)

• Bath towel: bring your own even if your gym provides them

• Body wash, shampoo, conditioner: if you have to go somewhere after

• Dry shampoo if you don’t have time for a shower

• Deodorant, also if you don’t have time for a quick shower

• Hairbrush, moisturizer, makeup

• Antifungal spray and pain ointments

• Tampons

• Extra underwear

• Spare contact lenses and solution