How to Pick the Perfect Women’s Gym Bag with Shoe Compartment

Contrary to what most people believe, shopping for a gym bag is not as easy as it sounds; there are many factors to consider. All gym bags take multiple beatings throughout the day with repeated use and are prone to wearing down. You need to make sure they’re made of durable material to prevent this from occurring. Further, if you have a chest-cum-locker at your gym, you need your gym bag to fit into that compartment. These are just two factors that are common to most people, but there are many more that are more subjective. 

A Woman’s Gym Bag with A Shoe Compartment

Some may say this is an unnecessary spend but consider this: you are going to meet a friend after your workout for a quick cup of coffee. You throw in all your workout equipment in your bag and don’t want to put your smelly, sweaty workout shoes along with them, but have no choice. Why? Because you don’t have a dedicated shoe compartment! You risk your clothes (and whatever essentials you carry along with you) reeking of sweat.

How Do You Know What to Buy?

There is a myriad of womens gym bags with shoe compartment options available online and at sports stores. But how do you go about finding one for yourself? What are the factors that need to be considered while making this decision?

Must Consider Durability

A high-quality gym bag with a dedicated shoe compartment is the way to go: this ticks off the durability factor which is often the first on your checklist of must-have qualities in a gym bag. The materials used dictates the bag’s overall construction and structural approach. There is no one material that is specifically known as the “most durable” for gym bags with shoe compartments; this is a subjective matter. All you need to do is consider the volume of loads you’ll be carrying on a daily basis: whether you use it just for the gym, or carry your laptop in it, or use it for other outdoor activities, or even traveling, a long-lasting gym bag (with a useful shoe compartment) will always come in handy and can be considered an investment if spent wisely.

Ergonomic Construction

 Now that your women’s gym bag with a shoe compartment is made of the finest class of nylon, quality zippers, and long-lasting anti-corrode hardware, make sure that it is ergonomically engineered; ensure that it is a comfortable fit for you: try it on to see that it supports your body and promotes physical ease while carrying it. Note that women’s gym bags are known to be heavier than men’s gym bags; add to that a dedicated shoe compartment, and you’re adding a lot more weight than you’d expected; so watch out! 

Ease of Carrying: Backpacks Over Duffels

A gym bag becomes your best friend when you take fitness seriously, so buy a gym bag that feels comfortable around you. Now, even though a duffel bag can be much more spacious than a backpack, the truth is that a backpack is more lightweight (or at least feels that way) because the weight is evenly distributed on your shoulders). 

The More Space, The Better

Even though your women’s gym bag has a shoe compartment, always best to have multiple, spacious compartments to carry a lot of stuff; the typical list of “essentials” to carry along to the gym for women is endless (and this is not a bad thing; we like being prepared). You don’t want to get a smaller gym bag and end up carrying additional bags, just to hold the rest of your belongings. You might want to consider investing in a CrossFit backpack, which is currently the “buzz” of the workout industry. Space matters, after all, and the more, the merrier! Plentiful, spacious compartments never leave you unprepared for a situation. 

A Smart Return of Investment of Sorts

The ideal woman’s gym bag with a shoe compartment is out there for you: do not invest in a low-quality, substandard gym bag, because you’ll regret it. Instead, look for one that speaks of your personality and boosts your taste and status. A gym bag of good quality justifies your ROI and is an asset to your wardrobe: wear it with pride and give your gym essentials the treatment they deserve!