How to Properly Use the Best Tanning Lotion for a Tanning Bed

Believe it or not, tanning safely requires more consideration than simply laying out in the sun for hours on end. Even those that choose a tanning bed over the au natural method need to be considerate of how they tan. While everyone wants to obtain optimal tanning results in the shortest amount of time, that just isn’t realistic. But tanning lotions for tanning beds can help deepen a bronzy glow for a perfect tan, every time.

Tanning 101

Before booking a tanning appointment, it’s important that an eager tanner determine their skin type. Different people have different levels of melanin – the pigment in skin affected by UV rays – and therefore have varying tolerances to sunlight. Some people burn more easily than others when overexposed to sunlight while others brown faster. Although a tanning bed allows for more control than sunrays, it still emits UV rays, which can cause a significant burn. To avoid this and reach the best results possible, it’s best to tan according to skin type and with the appropriate tanning lotions for tanning beds:

There are approximately 6 skin types:

– People with type 1 skin are very fair and usually cannot tan without burning;

– People with type 2 skin can obtain a tan but very slowly and usually sunburn first;

– People type 3 skin tan easily but can still burn if not careful;

– People with type 4 skin can tan easily and almost never burn when under the sun;

– People with type 5 skin ten to have naturally skin tones already and therefore rarely if ever burn;

– And lastly, people with type 6 skin can significantly deepen their skin tone when exposed to UV rays and rarely if ever burn.

However, no matter where someone falls under the skin type chart, they still need to be cautious of their tanning routine because skin damage can occur regardless of whether or not there is a burn. Using tanning lotions for tanning beds while tanning can help anyone achieve beautiful results without overexposure to harmful UV rays.

How to Properly Use the Best Tanning Lotion for a Tanning Bed

Just like tanning, applying tanning lotions for tanning beds requires prep and planning as it plays a vital role in achieving great color. They also supply your skin with essential moisture, allowing it to soak up as many rays as possible. And tanning lotions for tanning beds are packed with nourishing essential oils to soften and smooth skin as well as prevent signs of aging. Simply applying it to skin and washing it off after tanning won’t provide the best possible results. Here’s how everyone can reach their full tanning potential, no matter their goal shade!

1.  Skin Prep: The smoother the skin, the better the tan. Before heading out to a tanning appointment, remember to exfoliate every inch of skin that will be exposed in a tanning bed. This helps scrub off any dry, dead skin that will prevent a streak-free tan.

2.  Shave: This isn’t for aesthetic purposes, but rather, removing any body hair before applying tanning lotions for tanning beds will help spread the lotion evenly for a better tan. Otherwise, it can accumulate near hair follicles resulting in tiny, bronzed spots – which distract from the beauty of a tan.

3.  Focus on the application: Once someone has prepped their skin, they can begin applying tanning lotions for tanning beds by squeezing a generous amount of lotion into the palm of their hand. Don’t worry if it seems like too much tanning lotion – the more moist the skin, the better it absorbs UV light. Rub the lotion evenly in a circular motion to avoid dark patches, and go easy on face skin, especially under the eyes and hairline.

4.  Remove Excess before tanning: Tanning lotions for tanning beds can accumulate on the palms of hands and between fingers, making these areas darker than the rest. Avoid this outcome by wiping any excess off before entering the tanning bed.

5.  Wash it off: Unlike regular moisturizer, tanning lotions for tanning beds need to be washed off after a tanning session. Wait a few hours before showering to ensure the lotion has had adequate time to work its magic. Use a plain bar of soap or an unscented body wash to gently wash off the lotion, and do not exfoliate; this can ruin a tan!

Tips for Beginners

When someone is applying tanning lotions for tanning beds, it’s important they wear something they don’t mind staining as these lotions contain bronzers that darken with exposure to UV lights – including natural sunlight. Newbies to tanning should also remember to bring tanning goggles and extra tanning lotions for tanning beds to their appointments.