How to Take Care of Your Long Fake Eyelashes

You want those lengthy, sexy, stunning lashes like the celebrities are wearing, and after a lot of contemplating and thinking, you have taken the final decision. Eyelashes are a perfect option for women to enhance their eye look and lasts from six to eight weeks, and there is no need for further eye makeup. It is essential to have a deeper understanding to make sure your lashes look fresh and stay for the entire duration until your next appointment. In this blog, you will know to take proper care of long fake eyelashes, and once you are familiar with the instructions, the process becomes easy and intuitive.

What You Should Do

After your first appointment, taking care of your eyelashes is very important. Please do not become wet for a full day after application means you have to avoid steam baths, saunas, oil, water, or even washing your face. You should set a reminder to attend the appointments every two to three weeks to maintain your lashes, especially if you want to wear them for an extended period. For keeping your new fluttery lashes, brush your eyelashes gently with a cosmetic spoolie and adjust the hairs delicately that are slightly out of place. The thumb rule is to brush them only when required.

It is vital to wash your face and remove any makeup but use only oil-free products because oil can break down the lash adhesive that causes a shorter lash life. Please follow the aftercare instructions given by your lash professional, as it will help in the long run to have healthy eyelashes. Make sure to wash your falsies every one to two days for preventing irritations and infections. Be serious about your eyelashes and should be a vital part of your regular beauty routine.

It does not matter how long fake eyelashes care you are putting into action, some lashes will fall out before your next fill, and it is a natural part of the process. You need to be satisfied and happy with your final look after applying your lashes. If you are not content, discuss it with your technician. For the first set of lashes, you have to pay anywhere between 75 to 500 dollars, and for first-time lash goers, these prices are quite reasonable so, you need to have a separate budget when committed to having lashes.

What You Should Not Do

Taking care of the best fake eyelashes is not a big deal. Just avoid oil-based products on or around your eyes. Avoid using oil-based eyeliner, mascara, makeup remover, eye shadow, facial cleanser, or other oil-based items. Every woman keeps an eyelash curler in her makeup bags, but with fake eyelashes, it is best to keep off your curler. Your lash may bend that will not go away, and if you want to curl your lashes, then perform a very light pulse instead of a big squeeze. It is best to avoid perming, heating, or tinting your lashes, as these actions will destroy your fragile lashes.

It can be tempting, but you should resist the urge to play with your lashes all day long or while cleaning. While fiddling, your long fake eyelashes can fall out fast, thereby damaging your natural lashes. Avoid rubbing or touching your eyes, and it is best to keep your hands away from the eye area and fix your lashes by only using a soft spoolie.

Keep in mind that you should not pay the same expensive price during your follow-up fill-in appointment unless you miss the deadline. Most of the salons offer discounts when coming for fill-ins at the recommended time because they require less time and materials during the fill-in process. Typically, some eyelashes fall out, but they should not fall extensively. It is a sign of poor quality adhesive or improper application, especially if you follow proper fake eyelashes care methods.

After your eyelash application or after a few days, you should not experience any discomfort, pain, swelling, or redness that can be a sign of infection due to the use of contaminated tools during the process or any other infection near or in the eyelash follicle. If you are facing any problem, immediately visit your doctor.