Learning How to Use Indoor Tanning Bed Lotion

Are you new to using indoor tanning bed lotion? It can seem daunting at first; there are a lot of things to remember before you try it, but fear not! If you follow the right steps, you’ll end up with the amazing tan you crave. From shaving to even application to wait times, here are some of the most crucial things to know about applying tanning lotions.


You’ll really want to make sure you shave everywhere before you use any indoor tanning bed lotion. If you neglect to shave, some of the tanning lotion will collect and create a lot of dark spots on your legs. Not only will the tanning lotion cause dark spots, but the hair will block a lot of UV light from reaching your legs in the first place, which makes things look even choppier. If you want a tan that looks even somewhat consistent, ensure you’ve shaved well and thoroughly before applying your indoor tanning bed lotion.


The same rule applies with exfoliating. If you’ve got dirt patches on your skin, or too much dead skin in the way, the UV light from the tanning bed won’t be able to reach your skin evenly, and the tanning lotion will collect in odd places. Before you use any indoor tanning bed lotion, it’s crucial to exfoliate every part of your skin that you intend to tan.

Don’t Spread It Thin

It’s always best to have too much tanning lotion instead of not having enough. One of the best aspects of indoor tanning bed lotion is that it moistens your dry skin, allowing for a much better and more comfortable tan. Dry skin can make tanning an unpleasant experience, so you want to ensure that you’ve got a thick enough coat of indoor tanning bed lotion to smooth and soften your skin before tanning.

Make Sure It’s Even

When you use indoor tanning bed lotion, you want to make sure you spread it evenly. If you have a ton of lotion in one spot, and not very much in another, you’ll end up with a really weird and uneven tan. Save yourself the strange mismatch and embarrassing patches by taking the time to ensure you’ve spread your lotion evenly.

Let the Lotion Sit

You also need to ensure that you allow your indoor tanning bed lotion to sit for the appropriate amount of time. This will vary depending on the brand of tanning lotion and how dark you are looking to go, so it’s crucial that you check this before applying. If you don’t let your indoor tanning bed lotion sit for the right amount of time, you won’t get the tan you’re after, and the results could be less than ideal.

Wait Until You’re at the Salon

Most people need to wait and apply their tanning lotion at the salon. Not only is it uncomfortable to be walking around all lathered up in lotion, but by the time you get to the tanning salon, your skin may have absorbed all the moisture you needed. Indoor tanning bed lotion is best saved for right before you get on the tanning beds; that way, your skin can achieve maximum moisture, and you don’t have to walk around all oily.

Don’t Substitute Your Lotion

If it’s all about moisturizing, then why bother using indoor tanning bed lotion at all? Why can’t you just pick up some body cream and call it a day? A lot of people think they can just substitute any old moisturizer for their indoor tanning bed lotion, and the results are disastrous. Apart from the fact that normal lotions won’t help you gain the right bronze you’re looking for, you could actually end up with fines to pay from the salon. Normal moisturizers aren’t meant for tanning beds, and they can actually damage the equipment, so it’s best to leave them at home and save yourself the fees for broken tanning beds.

Overall, there are a lot of things to consider when using indoor tanning bed lotion for the first time. You can have an amazing tan, but to achieve the results you want, it’s crucial that you shave, exfoliate, spread correctly, wait as necessary, and use the proper lotion for the job.