Things to Consider While Choosing Women’s Boxer Briefs

Women’s Boxer Briefs: A Girl’s Best Friend

Not everyone likes wearing sexy lingerie at all times. In fact, when the weekend is here and you want to sit in and have a quiet weekend by yourself, what better way to get comfortable than to throw out your uncomfortable underwear and put on your comfortable women’s boxer briefs?

Wearing comfortable underwear that is known to compliment all body types is the way to go, making women’s boxer briefs their best friend. Whoever decided to combine boxers and briefs together for women is a genius. What’s best, they are still pleasing to the eye.

In a world full of underwear options for women (from g-strings to briefs), women’s boxer briefs make life easy. They are popularly known as “boy shorts” and have become increasingly popular of late to the female population because they are a) beyond comfortable b) easy to put on c) doesn’t bunch up d) easy on the eyes!

Is Buying Women’s Boxer Briefs That Big A Challenge?

I’m sure many of you are wondering why this post needed to exist in the first place. I mean, how hard is it to buy a pair of panties? All you need to do is find a pattern you like on your favorite e-commerce website and hit “buy now” and viola, you’re all set. Little do you know that there are a thousand careful considerations that go into buying the perfect pair of panties for you. Keep in mind that buying underwear online is not like the rest of your clothing; oftentimes, they don’t take returns (panties, especially).

Also, keep in mind that your underwear is just as important as your outerwear. It’s not cool to be oblivious to these facts, ladies! So, here is a list of things you should keep in mind while you’re in search for the perfect pair of women’s boxer briefs!

Go With Standard Brands

Even if you’ve never worn women’s boxer briefs before, do not play Russian roulette with your e-commerce websites. It is most preferable to get your pair from standard brands, and even better if you get them from places you’ve shopped for underwear in the past, and are therefore familiar with the sizing. Everyone has go-to brands for their essentials. You can always look out for fancier variants if you wish, but at least you don’t have to worry about sizing.

Size Matters

This is probably the first thing everyone thinks of, and for good reason. You don’t want to end up with a pair of women’s boxer briefs that don’t fit you right. Proper sizing cannot be stressed upon enough, especially with underwear. You must be aware of your accurate panty size before going to the store or scouring the internet for options. Don’t “be light and breezy”, choose the proper fit. If you’re uncertain about the sizing- different brands have different sizing factors, talk to customer care before making the purchase. Must we remind you of the nightmare that unfolds with a smaller size: uncomfortable fit and weird, unprecedented panty lines. A bigger one would just make you pull on it all day; not sure which is worse.

Choose According To Your Body Type

There is a range of women’s body types, so make sure you select a style that compliments your body. Whether skinny or curvy, the good news is that women’s boxer briefs are most likely to compliment all body types, so choose accordingly.

The Right Fabric

Picking out the right material is crucial when it comes to women’s boxer briefs. They will be in direct contact with your skin, so you want to make sure you’re comfortable with the fabric. Whether it’s silk, lace, cotton, satin, or sheer, the choice is yours. Women’s boxer briefs come in all kinds of fabric. If you want a more sensual seem, go for something made of silk and satin. Of course, the top options are cotton blends, because nothing quite beats cotton when it comes to levels of comfort.

Breathable Underwear

One of the most significant factors to consider is the breath ability factor of your boxer briefs. No, this does not equate to the fabric or size alone, in fact, it is a combination of the two. When you try out underwear you need to make sure the fabric and size complement each other and the pair is breathable.