What to Consider While Buying Boxer Briefs for Women

Having originated from the men’s underwear drawer, the idea of generating boxer briefs for women came up in the 1990s. Back then, with limited styles, this genius idea did not get the attention it deserved and died down a little bit. But with the boost of the 21st century that brought about a lot of change to the manufacturing and economic front, boxer briefs for women made a glorious comeback, and it is here to stay. The redesigned look from the ‘90s has made it more widely accepted by women all across the globe, for it somehow promotes femininity while being ridiculously comfortable!

Boxer Briefs for Women: The Right Solution for the Lingerie Crisis

Well, hard as it may be to believe, women have always succumbed to external pressure to look beautiful and flawless. Just think about the nightmare of girdles! But thankfully, with time, women are breaking out of the stereotype and thinking for themselves. While it was a common notion that sexy women’s underwear equated to showing off maximum skin through thongs and g-strings, they are now putting comfort over such stereotypes.

Even though many are still battling with the idea of wearing “boxer briefs” that have been, for the longest time, associated with men’s underwear, many have adapted to the idea and love wearing them, simply because it is the perfect solution for the “lingerie crisis”! Also, it is suitable for the slim, curvy, and plus-sized woman. And last, of all, they are versatile AF! You can wear them with trousers, skirts, or even strut around donning nothing but boxer briefs as loungewear or sleepwear.

Shopping Boxer Briefs for Women: What to Look for?

Now that you have a rough idea of the benefits that come along with boxer briefs for women, let’s consider buying you a pair. But wait! It’s not as simple as marching into a store and picking up the first pair you see. There are 4 main things to consider before buying them for yourself. Let’s find out what they are.

1. Consider The Ocassion

Before even considering boxer briefs for women, ask yourself this: what am I going to be using them for? While they do not reveal panty lines and make for a very comfortable fit, remember that they are relatively loose, and therefore may not be the best fit to wear under, say, a tight-fitting dress. That said, most people wear them as loungewear or for workout purposes, but it is not limited to these occasions. Many people like wearing them under skirts as a secure form of underwear, in case your dress or skirt blows up to flash your bottoms due to the wind. Wearing a thong in such an occasion could be quite….revealing!

2. Material is King

Now that you know what you want to wear it for, you must think about the material. After all, a pair of boxer briefs for women are only as good as the material it’s composed of. There are various different kinds of materials that make a good pair of boxer briefs for women, but the choice is subjective. For instance, if you want to wear them for a sexy occasion, they make them in silk and lace. If you want to wear them for nightwear or loungewear, consider cotton, the most breathable of fabrics, so you won’t sweat in them. If you want a moisture-wicking fabric to wear them while working out, consider Lycra, which also helps in decreasing friction between the legs. In short, this decision depends on you entirely!

3. It Must Work with Your Body Type

Now, one positive of boxer briefs for women is that it works with almost every body type. However, when you’re buying them, consider your body, waist, hip, and thigh ratio. Also, keep in mind that what works for your friend may not work for you. For instance, if you find that the boxer briefs are a little loose-fitting, there’s no guarantee there won’t be visible panty lines when you wear them. Or if they fit too tight, they may lead to discomfort and visible bulges under your clothes.

4. The Right Size is Out There

If you’re buying your first pair of boxer briefs from women from a department store you’ve been going to for years, fret not. However, if you’re considering buying it online, double-check the sizing chart and your body measurements before clicking on “buy now”. Remember that different companies have different sizing principles, but as long as you follow the size chart thoroughly, you should be fine! Good luck!