Why Buy Gym Bags for Women?

Anyone that hits the gym on the regular knows that a gym bag is essential. Now, for women, this is even more pertinent because of how prepared we like to be (ain’t that right, ladies?) When it comes to packing a gym bag, there is a fairly routine procedure that everyone follows- it includes all the bare essentials one would require at the gym. Some people have pre-packed gym bags in their car or bedrooms to be used on-the-go, while others have various gym bags readily packed to use for various kinds of workouts.

Gym Bags for Women: Why?

If you’d really like to know why women have dedicated gym bags, it’s simply because we like to be prepared for all situations. This is why contrary to popular belief, a woman’s gym bag is usually more packed (if not heavier) than a man’s gym bag. There’s no surprise there either: we have more hygiene products and always have makeup on us! We also have some bare essentials we cannot live without, and some routine procedures we follow post-shower. Now, even though men are increasingly becoming more conscious about their personal hygiene, they are still far away from reaching women’s levels of personal care!

In order to prove the requirement of the best gym bags for women, we have curated a list of items deemed necessary for 2 out of 3 women who hit the gym every day. If this doesn’t answer your question, we’re not sure what will…

Note! Before we dive into the list, here is a tip: carry along a bag that is just the right size for you. After reading our list, curate your own list and find out what your basic gym essentials are. Don’t carry a bag too big or too small for your requirements. Always remember that women’s gym bag essentials are quite subjective (even though many of them carry all of the below items).

Gym Shoes

Wondering why we mentioned shoes before workout clothes? This is because gym shoes are always the go-to item when it comes to packing for the gym. Keep in mind that various shoes are used for different kinds of workouts. For instance, if you’re going to a spin class, you cannot carry along your bulky running shoes! It is key to match the right pair of shoes with the right workout activity. Hence, this is often the first item packed in gym bags for women and is a good reason why women require gym bags (preferably with dedicated shoe compartments).

Workout Clothes

Yes, you guessed this was the next item on the list. But we’ve all been their ladies! When you start to change into your workout clothes and notice you’ve forgotten to pack your comfortable sports bra! Nothing more aggravating than leaving behind a piece of workout gear at home. It’s not just the obvious workout attire though, even leaving behind a pair of socks can turn your day upside down with a workout involving blistering and chafing! No one wants that. Carry along all your pieces of workout attire in a well-packed gym bag: there’s reason #2!

Gym Towel

Many gyms of late have been urging members to use towels on the gym floor, and for good reason! You are doing your fellow workout friend a solid by sweeping away any moisture possibly left behind by you while using the floor, or other gym equipment. Carrying along a gym towel is not only hygienic, it is a courtesy! Now, some people like to drape this towel around their necks while walking in and out of the gym, but let’s be real here: storing it in your gym bag would be so much easier!

Common “Must-Haves”

Gym bags for women would not be complete without a list of our personal care items we cannot leave the house without. For instance, shower sandals for post-workout showers, a washcloth, loofah, or scrubber to use while bathing (along with soap if you do not want to use the one at the gym), shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, a hairbrush, and body & face moisturizer! If you think that was enough, we also carry along antifungal spray/ointment, extra underwear, tampons, a blowdryer (if required), and spare contact lenses with the solution.

…In case you were wondering, yes, we are just that prepared! Hopefully, that convinced you why gym bags for women are essential.