Why Wine Colored Heels Make Women More Attractive?

The new color for this season’s heels is wine (and for a good reason). Did you know that a good pair of wine colored heels will basically go with anything? Surprisingly enough, many women consider them to be more versatile than a pair of red-colored pumps (and I agree!) Be it for office looks, summer looks, or a fun, quirky day out, wine pumps will do the trick. But of late, it’s been speculated that wine-colored heels are very appealing (not just visually, if you catch my drift…)

The High Heel Hottie Effect

First things first, let us address the “high heel hottie effect”, and consider why women wear heels in the first place. Is it merely to impress the opposite (or same) genders for attention, or is there more? While high heels are extremely fashionable, anyone who’s ever adorned them will tell you how much it hurts. Besides, it can even lead to chronic foot damage in the long run. So, the question presents itself: why wear them then?

Simply because they make women more attractive. The evolutionary advantages of this bold fashion statement speak for themselves! Women and men walk in different ways, but it is obvious that a pair of high heels helps exaggerate the “gait” factor for a lady. They say that high heels help a woman walk more like a lady. While male “gait” involves longer stride length and greater velocity (ideally, at least), the woman “gait” involves greater upper body side sway and a rhythmic, tasteful movement of the hips. This movement is more evident when you strap on a pair of high heels.

Needless to say, the high heel hottie effect is effective: it reinforces the extent to which a man focuses on a woman’s physical attributes. While I am not saying this is the ideal scenario, we must admit the fact that men are visual creatures. Even though a good personality will help keep a man around, your physical appearance is what will draw the stranger in, to begin with. This double-edged sword can be used to your advantage, and therefore, it is important to stay informed about this effect that many women are unaware of.

The Wine Color Effect

There are multiple shades in the red spectrum, one of them being wine-red. Different shades are used to connote different emotions if you’ve noticed. For instance, pink, the softer shade of red is often used to express love for a child. The softness represents sweet and innocent love.

They say that on the spectrum of shades, the darker you go, the more passionate it gets. So, with baby pink being on one extreme end, wine red comes on the other, representing passionate love, and oftentimes, lust. Wearing wine affects the way people perceive you. Wine is the color to wear if you want to be perceived as sexy and strong. It is also a color to wear if you want to get a man’s attention.

The Wine-Colored Heels Effect

We’ve seen the effect of high heels and the color wine separately; let’s combine the two to see the magic it creates.

While bright red heels are often considered to be what makes a man go nuts, apparently, wine-colored heels get the job done better. From a physiological standpoint, it was proven that the color “red” creates a physical reaction mimicking the feeling of “falling in love” while wine had more to do with carnal lust and attraction. Remember that the color wine, much like women, represent multitudes: it is powerful, sexy, erotic, and sensual, but beyond that, it is also bold and beautiful. So strap on those pairs of sexy wine-colored heels not only to attract others but to feel attractive yourself.

Beyond Attracting Others

As I said, the next time you lay your eyes on a gorgeous pair of wine-colored heels and instantly fall in love, don’t think about the effect it has on others (which of course, is a bonus) but think about how good they would look on you. They’d look great with black, gray, navy, white, and beige (the typical office colors), with your kelly greens and pastel colors (for the summer), and with emerald and fall tones (for autumn). Ideal for all seasons and occasions, a great pair of wine-colored heels is an investment of sorts!