Fitness Apparel Tips for Women – Look and Feel Great!

Fitness is all about looking and feeling good. Workout clothes for women are designed and engineered to achieve the same motive. Who says you can’t look stylish while you lift those weights? In fact, cute workout clothes motivate you to go out running.  A woman wants to show off her clothes.  And when she wants to do otherwise, she wants to dress up just for herself.

Choosing good fitness clothes are about striking a chord between being stylish and functional. Regular exercise demands commitment. And the fact that you got functional attire shows you are committed.

Choosing exercise clothes might seem overwhelming at first.  Brands come and go all the time. But certain fundamental rules are here to stay.

1.  Exercise is No Excuse to Dress Sloppily

When people set out to exercise, they deliberately pick out their worst clothes to sweat in. Your worn out sweat pants, ragged hoodie, super loose T-shirts, or worst, checkered PJs are not designed for a gym. When you dress sloppily, you feel, and behave sloppy. You are what you wear. This is exactly why people suit up for interviews. At the same time, athletic clothes for women do not have to be un-sexy. Accepting your body is the first step towards improving it. Wearing well-fitted, body-bulging clothes only goes to show that you are not ashamed of your cellulite, and can do whatever it takes to fix it.

Besides, fitness apparel for women is not just about looks. Wearing cotton or linen during extended sessions of exercise can cause you painful abrasions. Your workout clothes should be able to provide you with ample support; otherwise you may hurt your muscles and ligaments. Also, let us not ignore how risky it is to exercise in loose clothes. Hemlines can always get stuck on the treadmill, resulting in an accident.

2.  Choose Appropriate Bottoms

The kind of fitness clothes you wear essentially depends on the exercise you do. For leg exercises such as jogging, running and cycling, you need to invest in well-fitted shorts. Full-length PJs are a big no-no. You can imagine how distracting your sweat pants can be.

For stationary exercises such as yoga, weight lifting and stretches, you are going to need the designated gym trousers or yoga pants.

Whatever you choose, make sure you invest in something that fits you like a glove, accentuates your shape, and enhances your comfort.

3.  Wear Comfortable Tops

Usually, it is safe to go with a sleeveless tank top that can be layered. Contrary to the popular notion, women’s muscle tanks do not just serve to show off your skin. Such tops ensure that your body heat gets maximum area to disperse out. Besides, you won’t have to worry about any sweat settling on your skin. This quality makes sleeveless tops a popular favorite in hot weather. In winters, you can wear sleeveless tops under a hoodie, which you can always remove once indoors.

On those non-shave/non-wax days when you must wear sleeves, you certainly won’t want to go for too big/heavy coverage. Sleeves of your fitness T-shirt should ideally be short and light so that you get to enjoy free movements.

4.  Embrace Your Dark Side

You want to own certain basic colors that are fun, chic and calm. To be happily frugal, you can also set up a couple of color schemes and avoid the 7 A.M. wardrobe crisis. There is a reason most workout clothes ( are black. Black adds definition to your contours and hides your problem areas. It makes you look slender and thin. Also, let’s not forget that black is the hot color in summers. Gray comes a second favorite for fitness freaks.  It is soft, sophisticated and earthy-a unique blend, indeed.