From Work to Workout: The Best Gym Bags with Shoe Compartments

What is it about shopping for a gym bag that is so darned challenging? So many factors to consider? Or is it that there are just so many options out there? Well, the truth is that many women walk into a department/sports store and choose the first one they see. Or one that has a bold sports print or a cliched caption smeared across it. Is that sufficient? Is it enough to find a gym bag that is of your favorite color, or is there other things to keep in mind?

From Work to Workout

Although this is a relative subject, most women would want to get a gym bag that they can take straight to work (or the other way around if you prefer working out post-work). What is one of the most pressing things women are talking about wanting in their gym bags? That’s right, a dedicated shoe compartment!

Women’s Gym Bags with Shoe Compartments

Let’s consider this. Post-workout, a friend of yours calls with an emergency. She’s broken up with her boyfriend and needs a talk down from her bestie. You being the most loyal friend there is, rush to your friend in despair immediately. However, this means you have to toss your workout equipment (including your sweaty running shoes) in with the rest of your stuff. Going back home you now realize the rest of your belongings, like your fresh towel is, well, not-so-fresh anymore!

Would you call a womens gym bag with shoe compartment somewhat unnecessary? Do you think you could just stick your shoes in your regular gym bag somehow instead of going for a higher model with a dedicated shoe compartment? Well, what if we were to tell you that womens gym bags with shoe compartments are not more expensive (in some cases, cheaper) than normal gym bags? All this time, you could’ve saved the rest of your belongings from getting mixed up with your sweaty gym shoes but you just didn’t know about it!

In case you were wondering, NO, women’s gym bags with shoe compartments are not that hard to find and are much more common than you’d think. There are millions of options online but also at sports stores everywhere around the world because they are a practical buy. And 30-40% of working women consider a gym bag with a dedicated shoe compartment to be quite effective.

Women’s Gym Bags with Shoe Compartments: What to Look for?

Now that we’ve successfully convinced you to buy a gym bag with shoe compartments, let’s talk about some other factors you must consider before clicking on “add to cart”:

• Ergonomic Construction

When it comes to women’s gym bags, this pointer comes above the material used or even the durability of the bag. Ladies pay close attention. When we pick bags, we look for the finest class of material, no doubt, but oftentimes where we mess up is the ergonomic construction. Is it a comfortable fit for you: this is the most pressing question. And you must make sure the answer is yes. Make sure you can carry it around even when it’s loaded with all your essentials (and we mean ALL of them). Also remember that there is a dedicated shoe compartment, so that’s added weight as well.

• Durable Materials

A Woman’s gym bag with a dedicated shoe compartment is only as good as the material used to build it. This is often the first on the checklist for must-have qualities in a gym bag, as the materials used will tell you the overall construction of the bag and its longevity. When it comes to gym bags, there is no one right durable material, however, nylon is definitely at the top of the list. Do consider everything you’re going to be putting in your bag, however, and keep in mind that you’ll be using this daily (hopefully), in which case, it must last you long enough and should be easy to clean (stay away from leather).

• Anything but Duffles!

This might appear confusing to some as duffle bags are deemed as “the ideal gym bag”- but this is not the case, and particularly not for women because a) women are more practical and b) it is not the most comfortable to lounge around. Since you’re getting a women’s gym bag with a shoe compartment, remember that’s added weight. You want to distribute the weight evenly on your shoulders, which would be the easiest kind of gym bag, which would also imply staying away from tote bags with shoe compartments!